Best Fishing Lure For Salmon, Washington

Best jigging lures – Get jiggy with it!

Welcome to the best fishing lures for Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, and British Columbia for salmon, trout, cod, Red Snapper, and Halibut. Our products are made with over 95% recycled materials!!

Best Lures For Salmon and Bottom fish!

Great for trout, pike and walleye!

Whether you are looking for the best lure for salmon like Chinook (Spring), Coho, or for pinks in Puget Sound (best lure for humpys), we have the ulitmate lure for you.

Salmon fishing is an art but the Buzz Bomb and Zzinger make it easy for kids and adults alike – just drop or cast and start jigging! There are few techniques easier than Buzz Bombing or Zzingin’. Our lures’ ability to catch all fish makes it a great choice for both freshwater and ocean fishing.

Catch steelhead, trout, or pike and walleye with our lures. It is not tough when you jig a Spinnow Pink Pearl, or a Hot Pink Buzz Bomb! The most important thing when choosing your color and size is to consider the bait and trigger colors.

Blow up an inflatable! Kayak fish for salmon! Cast for pinks from shore! With a big or small boat for salmon fishing, you can have many people fish and be active all at the same time. Jig and make everyone – including the kids – happy!

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