Buzz Bomb Lure

Fishing with buzz bomb is definitely one of the most famous and trusted ways to catch salmon, trout, walleye, pike, and even bass. One of the most iconic and patented shapes, the Buzz Bomb is your golden ticket for catching huge fish like salmon, lake trout, and all species in deep as well as shallow waters. Just match your size to bait fish size and depth.

All Buzzbomb Tackle products are made in Canada by hand – hand cast, hand painted and hand packaged in Courtenay BC Canada. The iconic sonic lure mimics vibrations conveyed by wounded baitfish and attracts predatory fish. It is a simple set up that reduces the need for any additional tackle and is hugely popular with non-motorized fishing and kids, as well as the most seasoned angler. We bring you a huge array of bright colours including holographic finishes and UV finishes, as well as our world famous hot pink, fire orange and pearl finishes.

Handcrafted by the most experienced team of fishing industry professionals, we have designed every single aspect of the product. You can explore all the available colors for your water conditions.

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