Where To Buy Our Iconic Sonic Fishing Lures

Buzzbomb Tackle Brands:

Want to know where to buy Buzz Bomb lures? Looking for the best lure for salmon – a Zzinger Lure in a special color or a Spinnow in a certain weight? Our lures are sold in all major retailers like Cabela’s, Bass Pro, Sport Co., Canadian Tire and Walmart, and in every tackle retailer in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

You can also buy Buzz Bomb online, Zzinger Lures online, Spinnow Fishing Lures online, or Zelda Jig online in the “Shop” on this website where our retail partner – Tyee Tackle – can fulfill your order from this site. For large bulk orders and distribution inquiries, please write us directly or contact a major sporting goods distributor such as Sea Pro in Victoria, Big Rock Sports throughout North America, Gunarama, Farwest-Sport Co., VF Grace, Amazon.com, Amazon.ca and beyond – that covers your area.

We do our best to help those that contact us directly or find us on Vancouver Island, Canada but our manufacturing takes up much of our time so just leave a message and we will phone you back as soon as possible.


Buzzbomb Tackle has thought through every aspect of the lure package you buy. From ingredients to paint to finishing techniques, from the bumpers to the various hooks there is nothing without design. If you require extra items or like to swap out parts, we offer a selection of company approved options.

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