Zzinger Green Pearl


Classic Green Pearl is a world famous choice!  Our lures are best in class for both salt and freshwater fishing.

Choose your size of lure based on depth and water movement. Typically the deeper you fish and the more turbulent the conditions the heavier the lure.

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As the original inventors of brightly coloured lures including UV and holographic finishes, our hand crafted lures are each hand made in Canada by people dedicated to the industry and the local community. Each product is a piece of art scientifically designed to catch all fish under specific conditions. When fishing new waters and in new times of year, cycle through our various colours to match water conditions, bait fish and seasonal trends.


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Weight N/A
Dimensions 20 × 4 × 1.5 cm

0.5 oz/15g, 1.5oz / 40 g, 2.5oz / 70 g, 4.5 oz/140g

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Zzinger Green Pearl – 0.5″ oz 061588000059
Zzinger Green Pearl – 1.5” oz 061588000158
Zzinger Green Pearl – 2.5” oz 061588000257
Zzinger Green Pearl – 4.5” oz 061588000356