Halibut Spinnow Green Holographic


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Use a staunch rod and 50-80 lb line. Drift along, ding-ding-dinging the bottom with only the tail of the Spinnow, about a 6 inch lift-drop, or just drift with the tail dinging a gravelly bottom. Put a little piece of fresh fish on the hook too. The Spinnow “rings” the dinner bell when it taps the bottom, it spins and flashes back a strobing light which is supplied by the glowing hootchie. It drives sleeping halibut out of the ocean bed that normally would not be aroused by bait and other lures.  Halibut are biting when the rod starts to jitter and the bend lessens. Dozens of early testers of my rig have reported out fishing everyone in their boat and area from a low of 4-to-1 to a high of 25-to-0 in favour of Spinnow. Forget the “luck” – put SCIENCE on your side!


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