February 11, 2018

Local tour guide, Victoria

“….its so easy…… the best part is it looks like I know what I am doing!”   Zzinger
February 11, 2018

Tackle Sales Rep., Colorado, USA

“…..for trout the 0.5oz Zzinger Army or 0.5oz Chrome are the best kept secrets out there….” Zzinger
February 11, 2018

Boston, Massachusetts Tourist fishing around Vancouver Island

” I never caught so many different fish all on a single lure……we had to take a break our arms were so dead tired!”  Zzinger
February 11, 2018

Local resident, West Vancouver

“….I cast it in the water…. a couple of jigs, BAM! I had a huge salmon…. It was crazy and constant madness…..”  Zzinger