Local tour guide, Victoria
February 11, 2018

Ted from Texas

I am qualified as an “Official Buzz Bomb/Zzinger Mega-fan”! Back in 1992 (1993?), up in Angola, IN I was reading a “well worn” fishing magazine (from a pile of them)….called “The Great Lakes Fisherman” & I saw an ad for the Zzinger……Upon returning to Texas a couple months later I called …….I purchased about 30-40 BuzzBombs & Zzingers (back then the orders came w/a “classic” VHS tape / video of how to use the Zzinger and BuzzBombs!!!)
The rest is an awesome story & pure HISTORY! I’ve slammed a variety of bass jigging them in deep water & when they were “schooling” on Threadfin Shad in the hot summer months. Largemouth-Striped Bass- Hybrid Bass all strike the BuzzBombs & Zzingers w/FURY! During the early Spring when the White Bass make their spawn run up the Sabine river & upper Toledo Bend Reservoir (deep east Texas Piney Woods country), the White Bass SMASH them! I’ve literally had people fishing in boats nearby, w/ them not catching anything – troll over & beg me to buy a couple Zzingers when they see me using them! One fisherman offered me $25.00 apiece, as they’d never heard of BuzzBombs or Zzingers! Those little lures have given me, my Son & my Dad so many memories of great catches on the water. Thank everyone you know that has anything to do w/a BuzzBomb &/or Zzingers for me please, …….I am now in Hot Springs, AR, USA & will be using “BB’s & ZZ’s on Lakes & rivers in Arkansas for Trout, Bass, Striped Bass- whatever swims around here will HIT them